No Heart To Cross
Street: 12.09.13
Bellrave = Shiny Toy Guns + Settle–era Disclosure + Owl City + massive amounts of synth
When I first heard Lady Gaga’s latest work, Artpop, it took a few listens before I was able to hear every sound and decide it wasn’t just empty noise and catchy lyrics. No Heart to Cross is similar in that way. During my first listen, I wrote it off as another over-synthesized pop album and wasn’t looking forward to hearing it again. However, the more I listened to the album and was able to focus on the beats of each instrument, I realized it was actually very creative and well done. The ’80s synth-pop melodies mesh well with the glowing feel of the female vocals in “Touch Me on the Dancefloor,” while the punky male vocals complement “Glamphetamines” later on in the album. Bellrave are not a local act to miss. You can stream their full album at –Julia Sachs