Ben Best & Karl Jørgensen
Hel Audio
Street: 11.26.13
Ben Best & Karl Jørgensen = Espectrostatic + Tangerine Dream + Neu!
Coming on the heels of a well-received 2012 collaboration, Utah County’s finest sonic pioneers and purveyors of structural, minimal, experimental music regain that same magic in their aptly titled album, 2. Repeating, arpeggiated melodies make up the backbone of this intense collaboration as washes of electronic guitar wail through the composition like some true and terrifying wind, while serrated synths pulse endlessly with machine-like precision. Jørgensen and Best have really found their niche in creating these repetitious, hypnotic grooves firmly in the kraut pocket, deviating little from their established aesthetic, and they find their strength in the constant honing and exploring of repetition and melody. –Ryan Hall