Ben Best & Karl Jørgensen
Hel Audio
Street: 10.18.12
Ben Best & Karl Jørgensen = Neu! + Vangelis + Aarktica
Ben Best & Karl Jørgensen are a local experimental duo with an appreciation for analog recording techniques, having recently released a nicely packaged cassette of their self-titled album. This volume of music contains a sonically warm series of untitled audio explorations that are almost aquatic in tone. I could stand to do without “Untitled 1,” a somewhat underwhelming piece compared to the rest of the music in an otherwise strong and aesthetically cohesive set, and skip to the second track—a slow, warbling chord progression with clean guitar, electronic bleeps and pitched static resembling that of a transistor radio seeking a station—accompanied by a dominant overtone of tape hiss. “Untitled 5” introduces a change with a bit of Krautrock-style percussion and a consistent, single-note guitar riff. I appreciated this album more as it progressed and I recommend it, as it is especially suited to the weather and mood of this season.