Braeyden Jae
Heaven House
Patient Sounds
Street: 06.25
Braeyden Jae = Eluvium + Hakobune + Fennesz

SLC native and ambassador Braeyden Jae has created an album full of near-perfect textures. The timbre of all-encompassing waves drone, and obscured melodic passages peer out of cavernous, swelling sounds. Heaven House is the loudest quiet album I’ve ever heard—appropriate for speaker-destroying maximum volume when it is necessary to drown out the calamitous, Ferguson, Mo.–producing world and quiet enough to be played as you do homework or settle into a novel. Heaven House isn’t a formless void of unmoored sounds, though. There is an inherent structure to this house, even if the blueprints aren’t available to us mortals. Glimpses are found in the swelling, arcing melodies of corralled static and in the ghostly remnants of noise-on-noise quadrupling. This effect crafts a glowing white, offering depthless depths of sound exploration and healing. If you listen to only one drone album this year, let this be your Talk Amongst the Trees or Endless Summer. –Ryan Hall