This Is The Place 2
Street: 12.03.12
Brisk1er = Brother Ali x (Jay-Z + Nas)
Technically, Utah has a place in the World Atlas, but so far, Salt Lake City is not “on the map” when it comes to rap music. Brisk1er’s second compilation album coalesces meaty funk beats with a wide variety of local rap artists. If he continues to pump out substantial mix tapes, the crossroads of the West will soon be a heavy contender in the national underground rap scene. The content a la libretto ranges from growing up in such a strange and wonderful place, to competitive taunting about superior flow and the female figure. After 22 tracks, though, I had danced my ass off, but was left wanting when it came to lyrical material. Many songs accuse other artists of sticking to cliché subject matter when in reality, most of the vocalists in the collection stayed inside the box of popular maxims. If philosophical messages had been included, the substance range could have been improved. Still, gems like “For the Mind” featuring Smash Brothers pull you in, and every song features extremely impressive mixing and creativity.