We’re Just Happy To Be Here
100 block
Street: 12.12.12
Chance Lewis = Ugly Duckling + MC Paul Barman
I can’t help but feel like I know Chance Clift after listening to his album. I get excited every time I hear “It Doesn’t Matter What I Say Here,” which features Seve vs. Evan. Clift is a complete break from every other hip hop act I’ve heard in Utah. He portrays the wisdom and wit of an experienced emcee like Astronautalis. His influences aren’t obvious, but it’s clear he’s not afraid to represent the fact that he’s a white rapper living in Provo. His sarcasm in “Life’s a Joke” and untainted perspective in “Specific” are prime examples of his environment’s influence. His brutal honesty is what makes him a true artist. Words from “My Roaring Twenties” are the blatant message of We’re Just Happy To Be Here: “Despite the word on the street, life’s not that bad.” This is a hip hop album that brings genuine, good feelings.