Bubble Gum


Street: 07.11

Color Animal = Coloured Clocks / Cayucas

What’s intriguing about Bubble Gum is that it sounds like traditional yet mellow psych rock at first listen, but it takes several more listens to take it all in. Bubble Gum is a great step forward from Color Animal’s previous EP—there’s an added sense of depth and potential in the higher production value, which isn’t usually the case.

Lo-fi techniques tend to come off like they are hidden, but Color Animal’s care for this record is palpable in the softly sung verses against slightly louder fuzzy guitars and an overall fuller sound. The album’s name fits perfectly when you consider the polished sound of fuzz-laden riffs among the sunny, laid-back melodies.

The kind of sincerity demonstrated on this album can make any sound, no matter how traditional, feel like it belongs only to the band that’s playing it. –Justin Gallegos