Custom Model
Night Sweat
Street: 01.07
Custom Model = Chromatics / Shlohmo + Still Corners
Custom Model’s latest EP offers its listener three songs of mid-tempo electronica with varying moods. One could easily conceive of Night Sweat as a chronological journey of one’s sleep experience. “Somewhere Dark” begins the journey with the words “I beat myself today. Can you reach my hands? I’m starting to fall.” The interlaced keyboard and piano rhythms create a feeling of uneasiness that’s solidified by drums and more synths that build in volume, inevitably swallowing one another. “Night Sweats” leads with a steady bass that feels brooding before becoming bright with laser-like synths and the words, “I’m home, I’m awake.” “On Again” concludes the EP and is the peppiest song on the album, with an upbeat guitar rhythm among the words, “Let’s just promise not to sleep anymore.” Night Sweat is brief but strong for its cohesive storyline and production value. You can hear it at –Justin Gallegos