Danger Hailstorm
You Got It b/w Priestess
Running Records
Street: 10.16
Danger Hailstorm = Nebula + The Dictators + Turbonegro x Zeke
A two-fer slab of bouncy proto-punk (or izzit pop metal?) from this local quartet, You Got It ups the the band’s incessant ear for melody (ex members of The Stench and Bad Yodellers can’t hurt) and ballsy chutzpah by driving itself over simple, thundering drums and keeping the vocals front and center in the mix. Maybe campaigning for a Turbojugend chapter ain’t their M.O., but damn if the title track’s oozin’ ahhs don’t make you wanna dust off your copy of Apocalypse Dudes and cavort into a sweaty rock n’ roll orgy. The flipside’s “Priestess” channels Scott Hill-era Fu Manchu, but drenches it in the cocksure crotch-chowder of ‘90s britpop, making songs about crappy work days, STDs, suicides and lost loves high-octane, “stuck in yer head fer days” numbers. Only two songs, but plenty of replay value—astronomically recommended. Let’s hope this is a teaser for a future full-length.