Dark Seas

Hawkes Court

Midnight Records

Street: 04.12

Dark Seas = moe. + Janis Joplin / Steve Miller Band

Me: “Jesus, this guy sounds like… goddamn… The Doors. Is this a long-lost track?” My friend: “No, CJ, it’s Dark Seas, and why are you drunk on a Sunday morning?” Dark Seas vocalist Kyle Wilcox has a deep voice that slurs influences into a potent and powerful sound.

A dash of Morrison, a sprinkle of Scott Weiland and a smidgen of ’80s David Gilmour slosh together for warm refrains that are a bit sweet and a bit spicy—music’s Jack and Coke. The vocals are shaken with cool bluesy riffs that inspire dancing (“It’s Alright”), surfing and bong hits (“Cali Bud”), and even relaxing hammock naps (“This is Love”).

The album sounds great and often has more polish than a lot of local rock I’ve come across. Catch their last performance and tribute to their recently passed guitarist, Colton Ericksen, at Craft Lake City on Aug. 9. –CJ Morgan