Local Review: Day of Less – Porcaria

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DAY OF LESSDay of Less

Exigent Records
Day of Less = Gaza (of course) + High on Fire + Converge (kind of)

Um. Yeah. This is probably the heaviest music I’ve heard come out of Salt Lake since The Kill. I don’t even think Iodina was this heavy, cowboys. I’m glad it fell on my last column, too, because I can honestly say it’s one of the top five SLC releases I’ve heard in four years … Post-hardcore wall-of-black-noise with desperate melodic guitar-picking Converge breakdowns meets creepy Benedictine Monks out-of-hell chanting and plenty of discordant chromatic guitar-riffing. Serious. Not only is Day of Less as tough as Hell’s Angels, they will get under your skin in the worst, or best of, ways, depending on how badly you need woken up. Waking up is painful.