Prognosis Negative


Street: 01.24

Deathblow = Kreator + Sodom + Possessed

SLC’s Deathblow have been kicking around for a while now, getting a great reputation from their “fast thrash up your ass” live shows. The band started out with a slightly different name (Dethblo), and released a demo—all songs made the cut for Prognosis Negative and were recorded anew for the full-length.

Honestly, SLC hasn’t seen a thrash record like this in a long time. Don’t be surprised if you see this album being put out by a big metal label—it has the chops and, equally, the production sound. Everything is executed as if it were sitting in a prison’s electric chair.

Glorious metal riffs abound with technical soloing that many musicians wish they had the chops to dish out. Best of all, this record represents what you get when you see the band live: high energy and high volume. It’s all set to fucking kill. –Bryer Wharton