A Way Out
Street: 01.04
DeepWise = Infected Mushroom + Slim Shady–era Eminem + The Glitch Mob
It’s made clear in this album that local producer DeepWise has many talents, as the album paces back and forth from rap to psy-trance tracks. The two genres together made the album sound like a compilation of multiple artists and would have given the listener a better experience had the album been split onto separate discs or even made as two separate EPs under different genres. My favorite tracks on the album were the psychedelic electronic instrumentals, such as “Fear of Destiny,” “No Regrets” and “A Way Out.” The rap tracks were well thought out lyrically, but the production seemed to have less focus on it than the instrumentals. DeepWise will show you that Salt Lake producers can make more than just the same EDM every rave kid is into—and make it good, too. –Julia Sachs