Dine Krew
Street: 04.12
Dine Krew =  Mos Def + The Avalanches
Salt Lake seems to be spouting out a steady stream of promising, uprising hip hop artists lately—Dine Krew included. We-E.T.’s presents unassuming, mellow beats and slow, satisfying flow, with short tracks that place emphasis on transitions. Because this was self-recorded, it comes across as amateurish at first listen, but I found myself wanting to play it all the way through, several times. The strong point of this album is the super solid use of sampling, including old-school jazz clips and violin parts that cozy up nicely to the words and rhythms,“I’m Only Human” being especially cool. The last track, “P.L.A.N.T.P.L.A.N.E.T.,” has a simple, happy-sounding melody and lyrics that make me want to catch these cats live to see how their music translates onstage.