Drew Danburry
The Second Pillar
Street: 03.11
Drew Danburry = Built to Spill + Calexico
While coming in a bit shorter than The First Pillar EP , this Second Pillar by Danburry shows a bit more frustration in comparison to what seemed like a romantic nostalgia often touched on in The First . Hints of this frustration are found in the second track, “Our Acrimonious Introduction or Apache, The,” which starts pretty mildly, building up energy with the percussion and Danburry’s voice yelled into a megaphone. “Cardboard Cutouts” and “Alex Rogan or Bruce Leroy” have a pretty distinct garage-punk vibe, singing about the process of expression and creating, which can make an artist who throws their voice out there a tad self-conscious. It’s best to get those issues out through song, and these get pretty rowdy, which I can jam to. By the end, we return back to a solo Danburry and his guitar in “Nouveau Roman: Pro Ballet Is My Future” with a simple melody about being wronged. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next in a full-length! –Brinley Froelich