Local Review: Drew Danburry

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Drew Danburry
The First Pillar

Street: 01.14
Drew Danburry = Jose Gonzalez + Kings of Convenience

Danburry has shown us that he’s still in the music game, which is great news in my book! As a long-ish-time fan of Danbury’s, my only disappointment was in the short length of the new release. The First Pillar uses a simple pairing of his human voice with a guitar, but there are some pretty neat loops and frills that create a new dimension of folk. Drew’s lyrics are equal parts fun, honest and nostalgic, with a thread of leading a simple yet entirely meaningful existence. You can get a quick summation of the main idea of the EP in the last song, “Preparing for Alaska, Chiasmus or John Steinbeck.” “Jennifer Connelly, or Fools Mock but they Shall Mourn” and “Nobody Listens to Turtle” get my vote for favorites on the EP, but really, the whole thing is worth a listen, and it is so easy to do so! You can download the album for free from Danburry’s website, drewdanburry.com.