Awake And Arise
Nueve Music
Street: 10.01.14
DulceSky = Dead Can Dance / Nine Inch Nails
On their latest EP, DulceSky return with four tracks of dream rock, including two previously released singles. There’s a hushed feeling to the lyrics on “Soul Vampire” that hover over the loud guitars and synthesized noise, making it the EP’s most digestible track for me. DulceSky’s lyrical delivery is consistent on most of the EP, but “Desigual” is the most aggressive track as DulceSky unleash a little guitar madness. There’s darkness under the surface on the previous tracks, but it’s front and center on “Desigual.” The guitars are razor sharp, and the once-hushed lyrics transform into the booming vocals of a viking. If you’re into goth rock or shoegaze, then you might find the work of DulceSky worth checking out. –Justin Gallegos