Farewell, Nick Wan
Street: 10.28.14
Farewell, Nick Wan = Anamanaguchi + Ratatat

The immediate imagery that comes to mind when I see the word dainty is little doilies in pastel colors or miniature trinkets like Polly Pocket dolls. Similarly, the word dainty creates an image of something being easily breakable or fragile, and I think this is the perfect name for this album. Though the production is good, each song lacks something, as if the artist was afraid of overdoing it to the point where it compromised the sound. The music style has the potential to be something fantastic, but the dainty approach to the album resulted in a lack of being anything memorable. Highlights include “King Creep,” “Still Afraid” and “By Accident.” I would keep an eye on this artist because there is talent there, but the album as a whole was mediocre at best. –Julia Sachs