Genre Zero/Bombs for the Bored

Get Dressed, Do Nothing

Empty Set Records

Street: 05.10

Genre Zero/ Bombs for the Bored = Arcade Fire + Boots to the Moon

Get Dressed, Do Nothing opens with a steady bass line that might continue through the whole track. Next, a violin comes in with the first taste of a continuing melody—which doesn’t annoy me to the extent of Yellowcard’s violin, but also doesn’t integrate as well as Loom’s violin tracks. After all of the instruments come in, the violin fades to the back. The dual male vocals (one low and steady, the other emotional and cracking) of the chorus work well and in opposition. Both sides of this split 7” sound busy—more so on the B-side, with a remix/dub by Bombs for the Bored. While the dub has its moments, as dubs tend to do, I prefer the original cut. The recording sounds thin and, as much as the lo-fi lover in me hates saying it, it could use more production. But the songs intrigue me enough to look past that. –Steve Richardson