George Charles Nelson III
Little Engine
Sweet Salt Records
Street: 07.25
George Charles Nelson III = Fakebook-era Yo La Tengo + Flaming Groovies + Eels

Sweet Salt Records was founded last fall by Tom Bennett, a transplant from North Georgia’s Piedmont region and singer/songwriter “in his own write,” to borrow a phrase from John Lennon. The label soon added numerous folk artists, and fills an interesting and much-needed niche in the local music scene. “Bury Me In Leaves” is George Charles Nelson III’s ode to living in Salt Lake City, complete with returning library books, shopping at thrift stores and going to the Twilight Concert Series. It’s a bit of a name check, but his refrain “gotta, gotta, gotta, I got to know you, want to, want to, want to, I want to show you,” is irresistible in its understated, nerdy charm, and the rest of the disc follows suit. This is the Little Engine that could. This is a CD to walk hand-in-hand with, dorks! –Stakerized!