SEM Music

Street: 02.05.13

60 SaltLakeUnderGround

gLife = Wax and EOM + Eyedea & Abilities + Sage Francis

All I Know is an orchestrated mix of classical sounds with hometown flows from gLife. This album has a blend of uplifting, hard-hitting, independent songs and somber melodies about love and life. In “She Loves to Hate Me,” he spits bars on his confusing take on love, with lyrics such as, “I’m smoking hash over broken glass, hoping that we can just chill and talk. She loves to hate me and deep down I must love it too. What the fuck to do?” This 20-track album features a plethora of local features worthy of checking out. “Depending on the Day,” “Come Back To Me” and “Dreamland Agenda” were some of my favorites. Dudes that can lay tracks and speak from the heart about personal relationships have a special place in my heart. Thanks for sharing your experiences, gLife—excited to hear more. –Allie Russell