Great Interstate
Inversion Songs
Street: 05.09
Great Interstate = Sunny Day Real Estate + Jimmy Eat World + The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
Great Interstate is what happens when an emo band decides to skip the whole shitty pop-punk Dashboard Confessional thing and tries to be more like Explosions in the Sky. This album is one of the more impressive albums I’ve heard come out of Salt Lake City in the past couple of years, especially when you consider that it was self-recorded and produced by singer Andrew Goldring. The music lands somewhere among straightforward emo pop, angular indie rock and ambient post-rock, and finds itself solidly in the best parts of each genre. This is perhaps best seen on the excellent “All Things Must Change,” which finds the band dancing among the ambient and dark pop parts of their sound. Provo gets most of the indie-rock hype lately, but this is at least one band Salt Lake City can be excited about. –Alex Gilvarry