Street: 10.10.14
Iridia = Peter Murphy + Tool + Alice in Chains

Rock has stumbled a bit recently with its identity, so it was welcoming to hear the straightforward thrashing of Iridia’s debut album, Cognition. The album itself is almost a walk from ’80s metal to the modern death metal just before 2010. You can even hear the building transitions through the years in song after song. For those of you sick of keyboards and bands requiring dual male/female singers, this is your bag, baby, and I suggest you fill up. A good first listen would be “From Me to You.” The CD hardcopy even has a hidden 11th track, completing my geeky love for the genre. These boys work hard at promoting themselves, and the fan response from shows has been excellent. For the disillusioned hard rockers out there, I highly recommend this tuneage—please go check these boys out locally and support local, kick-ass rock! –Benjamin Tilton