Cannonball Lessons
Street: 11.20.12
ndege records
it foot, it ears = Captain Beefheart + Henry Cow
Cannonball Lessons is the second release from Salt Lake avant-garde duo, it foot, it ears. This five-song EP adds to the band’s catalogue a handful of stripped-down musical miniatures, which are at once endearing and exasperating. Guitarist Jason Rabb, formerly of local punk legends The Bad Yoddelers, and percussionist Nick Foster, half of Palace of Buddies, resolutely maintain their commitment to producing music that will beg you to dance and yet frustrate your every effort to do so. The band’s shtick is to plunge straight into a groove—almost—and then pull out, just shy of any commitment, time and again. The result is a game of teasing musical coitus interuptus that will infuriate normative listeners, while those more perversely inclined will find themselves begging for more.