James Junius

Street: 08.12
James Junius = múm + Rocky Votolato
A fluttery work of ambience, moth,wing,dream, evokes images of a flickering light in a cabin or a midnight walk through a cemetery. It could be a soundtrack for a horror film with its hushed chords and sci-folk vocals. “Lake Days” is composed in the style of Morrissey, with simple synth guitar and repetitive, gloomy lyricism. “Grateful” follows more of a folk vein, expressing his love for his family—“I’m grateful for my mother who holds my heart in hers, and for my father for putting up with the last 19 years.” “Wing” is a collage of noises and sounds, including the flutter of birds’ wings. Although there are a variety of genres and influences at play, the continuity of the album is not lost—and although it explores musical distance and minimalism, there is an ember of warmth throughout that invites intimacy. –Kia McGinnis