Jay Citrus & Esscarrgo
Alone With Two Drinks
Lucid Flow Music
Street: 09.27.14
Jay Citrus = Cyprus Hill + Snoop Dog
This five-song hip-hop EP from right here in the 801 caught me off guard in a good way. If I were unabashedly judging from the cover, I would have anticipated abrasive, repetitive rave jams. However, Alone With Two Drinks proved me wrong. The album has a smooth, consistent beat and samples that are cohesive with Citrus’ unhurried, straightforward flow. His opening track, “Bloom,” uses a clever piece from The Beatles and has an engaging cadence. While there’s nothing technically off-putting about his rap, Citrus might become more accessible if his words contained fresh and relevant ideas about Salt Lake instead of vague lyrics about booty, as found in “Bounce.” Despite that, Alone With Two Drinks is a well-put-together album that offers a unique sound from other local releases. –Kia McGinnis