Juana Ghani

She Lost Her Head


Street: 06.13

Juana Ghani = Dark Dark Dark + Gogol Bordello

Juana Ghani seem to have a penchant for bringing to life a seedy, seductive back alley in Italy or Russia through their simultaneously languid and staccato music (“Na Zdorovie”). Every song is heavy on the accordion and fiddle, which feeds directly into their distinctive style of gypsy-influenced folk punk. Leisl Bonell’s voice is sweet and sinister, adding an element of contrast to their style.

There are so many members in the band that even their simplest of songs are layered to the point that you can’t pick out every element, even on the 15th time around. Juana Ghani’s live shows are a circus act with saber, belly and fire dancers, and I can vividly imagine one of these rowdy performances with every recorded beat and minor-key inflection. –LeAundra Jeffs