Where We Were
Street: 10.24.14
Kitfox = Straylight Run + Gardiner Sisters

At peak season for icy air and cold noses comes this warm, wholesome debut EP from Kitfox. It’s a quiet, somber five songs, but Kitfox certainly found their sweet spot early in their career with careful acoustic cross-picking, piano, sleepy banjo and the occasional, lightly processed electric guitar. The melodies are very balanced and tonally exact (particularly on “Where We Were”), and the musicianship is really fantastic. It’s a short EP, but highlights range from drowsy heartfelt numbers like “Sleep” to mid-tempo nostalgic ones like “Halloween Song” and sweet romantic tracks like “Wild Grass.” There’s really nothing here to dislike, and they’re every bit as talented as, if not more talented than, many national acts you’re likely to find in the indie folk genre. They’re a young band, but they sound far more mature than some acts that have been around for far longer. I expect more great things from Kitfox. –CJ Morgan