Kookie Lou
Kookielou EP
Street: 09.27.14
Kookie Lou = (Bat For Lashes * Zooey Deschanel) / Morcheeba
The reason music stays culturally relevant is because artists, both new and old, keep taking risks and doing things that aren’t expected. The unexpected is exactly what you get with Kookie Lou’s (aka Lily Wolter) debut EP. Over the swift four tracks, the Isle of Mannative showcases her ability to make unimaginably complex songs that glide over simple tones and sounds. In the opener, “Bottom Of The Hill,” we are treated to an ethereal medley of keys and strings that is methodically taken over by a menacing acoustic guitar riff, and shortly after, Wolter ominously sings, “Seeing from a distance/seeing from a hill.” It’s this sort of juxtaposition crawling throughout this far-too-short release that makes me look forward to following Kookie Lou to wherever she goes next. As for this EP—a smattering of smart songwriting and restrained vocals over jazz-inspired, chill-out tracks—it feels fresh, new and unexpected, while being completely accessible. –Blake Leszczynski