Self-Titled 7”
Street: 03.05
Making Fuck = Sound Garden + Converge

Making Fuck, Salt Lake’s latest crusaders for atheism, want to make one thing perfectly clear: They will be heard. They are Kory Quist (guitar and vocals), Jeff Wells (drums), and Jessica Bundy (cello). The opening salvo of “A Slave To The Lazy Boy” recalls Sound Garden’s Louder Than Love. Quist’s guitar, a veritable percussion instrument, leaves space between power chords for ringing and droning upstrokes. Well’s drumming sacrifices commotion for blunt impact. What distances Making Fuck from classic grunge is hardcore shouting in place of expressive vocals, and the rejection of conventional song structure for minor variations on a basic riff. The sound, much indebted to engineer Andy Patterson, is as heavy as grunge, but more relentless. Bundy’s minimalist cello offers a respite from Making Fuck’s monolithic brutality. One only hopes to see her more fully integrated into Making Fuck, turning a very competent band into a unique one. –Brian Kubarycz