Local Review: Mark Dago – Fan CD 2015 Video Game Tour

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Mark Dago
Fan CD 2015 Video Game Tour

Rest 30 Records
Street: 10.15
Mark Dago = The Beastie Boys + MF Doom + Unicorn Kid

Mark Dago is a Salt Lake City local who has used his knowledge of both hip-hop and retro video games to create a unique sound for several years. Dago released his first album, SelfHighFive, in 2010 and has since come out with several other albums, gathering influences from old-school hip-hop and newer, more futuristic-sounding modes of production. Last August, Dago and DJ Shanty, an SLC local and 8-bit lover toured several cities, calling it their Video Game Tour.

Fan CD 2015 Video Game Tour is a well-made recording of one of Dago and DJ Shanty’s live performances while on tour. It features a short, 12 song performance by Dago, followed by a high-energy set by DJ Shanty. Dago’s set is a strong showcase of his work, consisting of a wide variety of his original releases. Dago does a fantastic job combining fast-paced tempos with old-school hip-hop lyrics, sounding like the younger, nerdier brother of The Beastie Boys at times. The second song of his set, “DB Cooper,” is one of the strongest of the entire CD, and it is obvious that Dago has found his own unique voice as an MC.

During the second half of the set, DJ Shanty comes out to flex his muscles as a musician in a very strong performance. Shanty’s mix is seamless, and he switches through songs and samples with ease. Shanty’s set is very danceable and high energy, and as with Dago, it is obvious that he is comfortable with himself as a musician. Halfway through his set, Shanty remixes and mixes several MF Doom beats together, solidifying his clout as a quality DJ and fan of the old-school. Overall, this fan CD is a solid documentation of what most assuredly was a quality live performance. –Taylor Hartman