Bird In The Cage

SkyBox Music Group

Street: 12.17.13

m.duby = Mac Miller + Yelawolf

m.duby is back at it on the local hip-hop scene, Bird In The Cage being his second release. It takes a more relaxed, adult direction than his first, Tha Come UP, with less emphasis on parties and heartbreak and more on becoming a better person and pushing forward.

In one skit, “Be True,” a phone conversation with a lady friend sets the tone by advising, “Listen, just be true to yourself, baby.” Mellow beats are a backsplash for m.duby’s thoughtful, positive words.

“On Fire” is an anthem for optimism, while “Road To Real” is about staying motivated—“Every time I wanna quit, I come right back because music is my rock—hip-hop is my crack.” There’s no doubt that m.duby works hard to transcend the struggles of being a musician, and it’s reflected in his growth from first to second album. –Kia McGinnis