Tha Come UP
SkyBox Music Group
Street: 11.05.12
m.duby = Mac Miller + Yelawolf
A self-described “musical genius and hip-hop aficionado,” m.duby has no lack of confidence as an aspiring artist in a city with a fairly small hip-hop scene—he’s even started his own label. The 14 tracks laid out on Tha Come UP are cohesive and well pieced together, despite a different producer being attributed to each one. Most of the lyrics are about times spent in Vegas or past loves, but it’s clear he keeps his head in the game as he says, “Failure is not an option, success in my only mindset,” on “Me Against the World.” Using relaxed beats and quick words, m.duby has created a respectable album, the best track of which is “Go Outside ft. Cults,” which features an awesome sample of a kids’ choir and an optimistic message. –Kia McGinnis