Wisemove Records
Street: 01.21
MoneyPenny = (Blink-182 + Good Charlotte + Warped Tour ‘05) – ‘05
If I wasn’t a decade removed from being 17, I’d probably be jamming to this pop punk album in my beat-up Chevy Lumina with a vanilla ice from Top Spot and my best friend, but I’ve since upgraded to a Subaru, pour-overs, a husband and post-whatever. Still, I’m a nostalgist, and this brings back some sunny memories of a time when all that really mattered in life was whether or not the boy I was crushing noticed me that day. Stand-out tracks are just-whiny-enough “Boys In Bands Are Trouble” (well, duh), bitter break-up ballad “Below The Surface,” and the oooh-aaah-able “Out of Time,” but press play on any of these and you’ll find a clean and catchy track you would’ve sung along to if you were cool (but not like, too cool) in 2005. Teenagers still exist, right? They’ll love this if they’re not all listening to EDM by now. –Hannah Horvath