This split by Mooninite/RS2090 is further evidence of the ascendancy of Hel Audio as a premier showcase for Provo/SLC electronic weirdos. Side A, Mooninite’s side, treads lightly in familiar ambient territory, owing much to the sampled instrumentation of Boards of Canada and the swirling arpeggios fancied by fellow compatriot OK Ikumi. The beats are slightly off, staggering with a seasick lurch. RS2090’s side is all absurdist rhythm patterns, pitch-shifted lecture notes, squiggly synths, bottom-scraping low-end and an angular, almost geometric approach to composition. RS2090 is the classically experimental of the two. I have really been digging the stuff Hel Audio has been producing, and this is another notch in the bedpost of flawless releases by Karl Jørgensen’s label.