Which Boots? Witch Boots!
Spy Hop Productions
Street: 07.25.12
Mystique = Sublime + Pink + Christina Aguilera
This three-song EP is packed with delightful bounciness. Urgent piano riffs and a really rich female vocal execution stand out on the first track. Even the second song, which is more of a ballad, continues with a great rhythm. The third track features G. Love & Special Sauce-y male vocals over a Phish-y melody, and it’s totally different and totally fun, too. The whole package is really sweet—it’s a little bit country, pop and ska. Great performances and production overall, which is doubly admirable because this project is a Spy Hop production, which means the whole thing is done by young adults. I am totally looking forward to hearing more from these guys and hopefully catching a live show as well. Check ‘em out fo-sho!