New Shack



Street: 11.21.14

New Shack = Little Boots + Cocorosie

This Provo-dwelling duo is cutesy and fun—even their Bandcamp profile picture is a strip of photo-booth pictures. The album’s heavily synthesized female vocals are hauntingly catchy over the sounds of simple yet good electronic beats.

The simplicity of the album is what makes it great—it’s not trying too hard to be an iconic piece of art like a lot of electronic artists are clearly attempting. Highlights of the album include opener “Little Boys,” the dangerously catchy-in-a-way-that-it-will-never-leave-your-head “Neptune,” and the down-tempo closing track, “Lonely Pocket Self.”

The album is calming but entertaining enough to listen to in a wide range of situations. I’m listening to it as I prepare for bed after a long day. New Shack are another example of how, for reasons unbeknownst to me, good music is actually coming out of Provo. –Julia Sachs