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Night Marcher
Us & Them

Spare Room Records
Street: 11.16
Night Marcher = The Black Keys + Pond

I haven’t listened to a lot of psychedelic music recently, and perhaps that’s why Night Marcher’s newest release melted my face so effectively. Thick, fuzzy bass lines, vintage guitar and sound effects, vibrant vocal choruses—what more could you ask for from a solo psychedelic-rock album? There’s more than a few catchy ideas on this release, and the fact that Rob Reinfurt sounds just a little like Paul McCartney is the cherry on top. If you’ve been listening for an effect and chorus heavy rock album, you’ve found it. Us & Them is a fantastic morsel of rock n’ roll that fits right in with my collection of psychedelia, and one that has me humming and nodding along the whole ride through.

Us & Them is an album rich with emotion. Born out of Reinfurt’s struggles with drugs, the album explores sadness in the plodding rhythms of “The Devil Wears a Red, White & Blue Cape,” hope in the heartwarming ballad of “Dime Novel News,” and a healthy dose of chaotic confusion in the warm but churning wake of “Puzzled & Amused.” From start to end, Us & Them offers a rollercoaster of sultry guitar licks and bouncing piano grooves which manipulate the mood of Night Marcher’s music. From the wistful but somber musings of “No More Yes Man” to the contemporary jig of “Lady Rain,” there’s ample skill and variety to keep this whole album interesting and exciting.

Lazy, laid-back grooves in “Ghost of Raymond” and upbeat, dancy bounce in “Gotta Find Your Way Back” are just a couple of attractions Us & Them has to offer. Catchy melodies, rich harmonies and powerful builds complement each song on this album. To top it all off, there’s a professional layer of polish that keeps each track sounding crisp, well mixed, and—in some cases—heavily sound effected. I’m extremely impressed by the work Reinfurt put into this release, and I highly recommend looking up Night Marcher on Spotify to get a taste of his psychedelic style. –Alex Blackburn