Break The Spell
Sound Vs. Silence
Street: 11.12.13
Null = Occupy Wall Street Drum Circle + 2014 Vanilla Ice
I don’t know how to react to shit this wack. It’s rap/punk made by Tyler Lusk, who just started making music, and it shows. Sadly, the beats sound like a 12-year-old made them and the nonstop protest slogans are puerile at best. This stuff was groan-inducing the first time I heard it, strolling through Zuccotti Park a few years back. (I think I have a hand signal to show how much I like it, too.) “No racism, no sexism, no classism, smash capitalism!” he scolds, off time. It’s not that Lusk’s politics are objectionable, they’re just not insightful—or fun. Hip-hop can be perilous for white folks, but I do admire Lusk’s passion. I hope he keeps on it and comes correct next time. I suggest spending some QT with The Neptunes discography—Mystikal’s “Bouncin’ Back,” would be a great place to start. –Dan Vesper