Lightz Out
Second Thoughts
Street: 06.07
Patchz = Atmosphere + CeeLo Green

Lightz Out is a seven-track sampler of rap, hip-hop and R&B material, with different guest vocalists to break up the musical compositions. It begins with “Grounded,” a rap song featuring B Still, and moves right into a pretty, little R&B ditty on the second song, “Cry for Help.” From what I can tell from the track listing, Patchz himself has the smooth voice that is echoing CeeLo Green’s vocal style, and he does a great job. It’s a solid effort with talented individuals chiming in to do their thing and a definite flow throughout. The album art by Josh Tai Taeoalli and Will E. Petersen is absolutely beautiful, with new details to explore every time I take a look at it. It’s a lovely local release and perhaps even more fun because it included so many other local talents. Check it! –Ischa B.