Perish Lane
Destroy the Skies
Street: 11.09.13
Perish Lane = Crossfade + new All That Remains
This getup is a strong example of some good alt-thrash-rock in a well-produced and beautifully packaged full length. They write some sweet guitar solos on tracks like “Awaken the Fire” and “Twenty Seven,” but the strongest song on this album, hands down, is “Farewell.” The gorgeous vocals of Ashley Scharr mix with the harshest screams on the whole record—the song structure colors outside of the lines just a bit, and the deep melody is hard to resist. (Somber acoustic ballad “Bury Yourself Alive” is a close second.) The group would be wise to look that direction next time they sit down to song-write. It proves they’re more than just another radio rock band. The only thing I couldn’t get past here is that, since this is a vocal-heavy genre, said vocals need to be either incredibly strong or unique in some way. Justin Clark’s singing is capable (and particularly emotional on “Bury Yourself Alive”), and may even be more effective in a live show, but the heavier tracks sound strained. –Megan Kennedy