One Day As A Lion EP
Street: 08.12.12
Porco Rosso = Kavinsky + Javelin + Tycho
Porco Rosso is the chillwave project of Park City’s Davis Johnson, and the One Day As A Lion EP is on Bandcamp for a name-your-price deal. There is no other information about him online, but that’s fine, because the music is capable of speaking for itself. It’s a short, 18-minute jaunt into a largely instrumental, surprisingly captivating soundscape, a place where you think you’d like to hang out while on hallucinogens. It’s uplifting without being cheesy, with warm minor chords that bring weight to the songs. This is one of those releases that proves you don’t have to be known to be making great music. There’s a bit of Wax Tailor, a touch of LCD Soundsystem, a nod to Ratatat, a hint of Four Tet, successfully paying tribute to a variety of styles of electronic instrumental music without committing to any one direction, and managing to create a truly unique sound.