Problem Daughter
Street: 09.09.12
Problem Daughter = Dead to Me + The Flatliners + Banner Pilot
These guys have been cranking out solid punk rock tunes since 2008, and this self-titled release proves that punks can still progress. The opening trio of songs (particularly “Church Bitch”) channels the melodic style of punk rock championed by bands from the Bay Area and/or Gainseville and eaten up by frequenters of “Misty Marie Kleinman” sees the band slowing down a bit, showcasing their sentimental side and even incorporating some syncopated reggae-style rhythms in the middle of the track. The standout track is “Anxious Endeavors,” where the band’s mixture of contagious energy, heartfelt emotion and raw lyrics are punctuated by some excellent female vocal contributions. I’m stoked that bands like this exist in Salt Lake.