Replica Mine
Three Noble Truths
Endless Shadow
Street: 07.23
Replica Mine = Nine Inch Nails + Depeche Mode

This album is split into three parts: Existence, Cause and Cessation. Incorporating both industrial and earthy sounds, Adam Harmon creates a rich and eclectic texture. The vocals have the grungy, distorted edge of the early ’90s, which contrast the earthy tones of the guitar and bass. The drums in the intro track, “A Lasting Fate,” have a Smashing Pumpkins flavor and follow the album to its end track, “Trails of Gold.” “Fire and Brimstone” features a synth layer that pairs nicely with the guitar melody. Replica Mine seem to be digging into some deep ideas about existence and consciousness, but their philosophies don’t overpower the musicianship. –Kia McGinnis