Primitive Emotion is full of raw, chaotic riffs and disruptive hardcore vocals that are soothing to the soul and peaceful for the mind.

Local Review: Ribbons – Primitive Emotion

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Primitive Emotion

Self Released
Street: 04.28
Ribbons = NARC + Mock Execution

Ribbons is a local hardcore metal/punk band that was formed in 2021. Their newly released album, Primitive Emotion, is full of raw, chaotic riffs and disruptive hardcore vocals that are soothing to the soul and peaceful for the mind. Much about Primitive Emotion stands out: for instance, Erikka being a female vocalist in a genre dominated by men, or Jake and Chris’ guitar playing, which is brutal and destructive. Mica takes the bassline to a whole other level on this album, complimenting the drums and guitars. Lastly, percussionist Ari ties this album together with his insane, quick beating-on-my-eardrums that make it hard for any listener to keep pace. All these elements combined make Primitive Emotion something completely out of this world.

The album itself comprises nine separate tracks that range from one minute to two minutes long, which is convenient if you want a quick song to cause havoc within you. The songs themselves are full of chaos and violent vocals, all very hardcore if you’re into it. Opening track “Familial Wound” sets the mood for the rest of the album. The song starts with a harmonious, melodic guitar riff, and as the riff slowly picks up it’s then accompanied by speedy drums and bass. That’s when Erikka’s vocals kick in to complete the song with an abrupt end.

A personal favorite from this album is the third track, “Coward in a Suit.” It starts with Jake and Chris’ guitars in a particularly frantic riff, which the erratic drums and bass follow in quick pursuit. Erikka’s vocals suit the lyrics of this song so well, and I can actually feel the intensity and anger slip through. This whole album is just so angry and raw that I just can’t get enough of the havoc the album causes. I just wish these songs were longer—but only to hear more of the emotional unrest and passion from this band.

 “Final Test” being the second to last track on the album is a brutal move. The lyrics have such intensity, which each execute greatly. There is a part toward the end of the song wherein the band makes you think they are almost done playing, but then they quickly pick up within three seconds. This song will have you banging your head and feet, completely trashing the floor beneath you. “Kiss of the Whip” is the last song on the tracklist, and while it isn’t as intense as the track before, it’s still good in its own way. 

Primitive Emotion can be found on Apple Music and Spotify as well as Bandcamp via, check out their insane riffs and, as always, support your local musicians. –Litzi Estrada

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