Robert & The Carrolls

Everybody’s Famous EP


Street: 11.09.13

Robert & The Carrolls = (Rooney + Of Monsters and Men) + Phillip Phillips

The first time I pressed play on Everybody’s Famous, with its opener “Vintage,” I was transported to the PCH, driving fast no doubt, but still taking it all in around me—the smells, the sounds, the sun soaking into my skin. This is comfortable music, indie’s answer to meatloaf. Over the five-song offering, the Carrolls rarely make any missteps, mostly treading through themes of love and love lost—painted against the backdrop of their original home of California. For me, “Sow and Sleep” is the EP’s high point. It’s familiar, for sure—with acoustic guitars playing behind a heartbroken Robert Carroll singing, “If you need a man to hate, I’ll fill that place,” but also something very new—Miss Brooke LeBaron, with her cello and beautiful harmonies, brings the whole track together and makes it something special. All in all, this effort can be placed on the upper end of the never-ending pile-up of similar music. –Blake Leszczynski