Rotten Musicians
Rotten Musicians Turn Into Escaped Zoo Animals And Terrorize The Town In A Good Way
Street: 12.10.13
Rotten Musicians = Dan The Automator + Slug
Goddammit. When I listened to this the first time I was so pissed off by the fucking bubble language on “OB,” I almost couldn’t make it through. When I listened to it a second time, I was still infuriated by the bubble talk, but was able to wade through the sludge and discover the production gem this story-telling album is. Almost every short two-minute track starts with an intro about newly morphed zoo animals that vaguely reminds me of Deltron 3030, followed by simple loops, synth sounds and a super catchy hook in “MaMMals.” The raps are witty and nerdy, the hooks catchy and the beats are nostalgic yet energetic and fresh. Much to my dismay I have to say, well done. –D. Russell