Seven Deadly Sinz
Wasatch Renaissance
Street: 05.13
Seveneleven = C-Crime + Brother Ali
Funded completely out of Sev Elev’s pocket and produced by the holy Wasatch Renaissance, this full-length album has been a dream-in-the-making come true. It comes after years of shared sets in venues like Kilby and Urban Lounge, but for the first time in history, you can now spin to hear why Seveneleven is a product of Pabst, Utah nature and on-the-fence Christian spirituality complete with a set of Chums—and he’s still stuck to his guns. With beats by Burnell Washburn and a guest appearance from The Nag in “Edward 40 Hands,” this album feels homegrown. Songs like “Seven Deadly Sinz” and “The Stream” will undoubtedly fill a heart with slant rhymes and a taste of some Utah free thought—find it today from your local renaissance man. –Tim Kronenberg