Simian Greed
Street: 10.29.13
Simian Greed = Fear + Melvins
Simian Greed’s EP is a sludgy morass. The album opens with the bass-heavy “Epic,” a song that took a moment to grow on me. What I initially took to be butt-rock vocals were in fact Lee Ving–styled yells and croons. “Different Circles” has the same aspects of Ving-meets-Danzig vocals. Dave Sanchez’s lyrics are semi-spoken word with screams smattered throughout. The guitar work (Matt Lyon) and bass work (Johnny Lyon) aren’t anything crazy, which is good. They’re just trying to get the audience to rock out. Other than the music being great, the album cover comes like a coloring book with a set of crayons. My SLUG-parent was so proud of my artwork, he put it on the fridge for everyone to see. Simian Greed rocked it last year at Localized, and this EP was just as kick-ass as their performance. –Alex Cragun