Simply B
The Candelaria Session
Street: 09.21.14
Simply B = Jack Johnson + Django Reinhardt + looping fun

The insanely talented Brandon “B” Barker is at it again, this time releasing a quick, four-song EP of material from his solo, multi-instrumental looping-project, Simply B. The recordings are a lot of fun, but with a project like this, the experience of watching the artist set up the loops and do everything himself is a major part of the awesomeness. Happily, B and his team filmed the whole session (the recording of all four tracks) to demonstrate, firsthand, what kind of magic was happening in the studio. I recommend watching the vids to get the appropriate appreciation for the art form, and then pop that disc in anytime you need a reminder that humans are awesome. Rock on, B—one more feather in the cap! –Ischa B.